For BUSINESSES or ORGANIZATIONS to customize and use visual aids from The Risk Communication Institute


We are pleased to make our visual aids available to organizations that want to use them in professional communications.

However, because there are so many possible uses for these decision aids, we first ask all applicants to explain their intended usage on the form below so that we can issue an appropriate license.

What an Organizational License provides

The following notes will give a general idea of a typical agreement.

  • Extends for 3 years and is renewable under the prevailing terms thereafter.
  • Subject to the limitations below, this license gives a defined division of an organization unlimited access to download and customize the high-resolution templates of The Risk Communication Institute's copyrighted communication tools.
  • All individuals within the designated division may use these tools and customize them for use with patients, the public, the media and for peer-reviewed professional communications.
  • Licensees may freely publish research papers incorporating these tools for no extra charge.
  • Journals may request publication rights from the author, so, for this purpose only, the writer or licensee may transfer non-exclusive rights to the customized version of the communications tools (including the licensee's numbers, text and positioning of data points) providing that the tools still legibly display the prime copyright holder in full: Risk Communication Format © John Paling 2000. See
  • For no extra charge, licensees may distribute their customized graphics based on our formats and also incorporate them in marketing materials providing that it is made clear that a named third party (and not John Paling or The Risk Communication Institute) is the authority for the accuracy and the validity of the message that the customized graphics convey.

The Risk Communication Institute wants to ensure that its communications tools are used in the most effective way possible, so, as part of a typical agreement, we also recommend one or more of the following:

  • Training via a phone seminar and an online manual outlining how best to use decision aids with patients.
  • A live seminar or keynote to explain the specific challenges that healthcare professionals need to address in order to improve risk communication. (This may be given to employees or clinicians who want to effectively present the facts about, say, some specific drug or treatment.)

The Fee for a Three-Year License plus personal training and/or live presentation: (from $900 USD and up)


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If you would like us to customize our communications tools to focus on your own needs, or if you would like to inquire about John Paling speaking at your next meeting, please contact us.
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