Content & Outcomes

from John Paling’s Presentation

The Survival of the Fittest –
Building Effective Teams

Dr. Paling offers fresh perspectives on building effective teams by drawing on his “Lessons from Nature” from his experience as an Emmy-Awarded wildlife photographer and an Oxford University Professor of Biology.

In this thought provoking presentation, he sets out to correct the impression that Nature mainly succeeds by aggression and domination. The truth is that, for most creatures, the most important ingredients for success are mutual cooperation, balance, and effective partnerships.

Using incredible animal sequences, all narrated live, to support his key points, John

  • defines the key characteristics for high levels of cooperation,
  • illustrates simple techniques to ensure clear and effective communication and
  • demonstrates the amazing performance improvements that can come from positive reinforcements.
  • finally, he stresses the overlooked importance of timing. He shows how all individuals and organizations pass though life cycles and that advice and actions that might be appropriate for one stage of development may be totally inappropriate and even harmful at others. Using animal metaphors, he shows audience members how to identify what stage in their personal or organizational life cycle they are in and thus what are the more important areas they should focus on.

At the conclusion of this session, attendees will

  • Take away a renewed admiration for the wonders of nature and a fresh respect for what she can teach us.
  • Appreciate how effective teammwork means far more than two or more partners diligently aiming towards a common goal.
  • Learn simple ways to improve the effectiveness of communications between partners.
  • Be able to define the stages of their own life cycle - both as professionals and, if appropriate, as an organization. Then to evaluate the implications of this for their future growth.

These presentations typically include brief segments from Palings’ Emmy-awarded, National Geographic wildlife films (narrated live) to serve as memorable metaphors for the key points of his message.

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