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from John Paling’s Presentation

It’s A Jungle Out There!
How to Get Incredible Results in a World of Uncertainty

Dr. Paling draws on his experiences as an Emmy-Awarded wildlife photographer and an Oxford University Professor of Biology to offer fresh perspectives to all those who feel "It's a Jungle Out There!"

Whether delivered as an hour keynote or a day long workshop, this presentation is always a winner because it grabs audiences’ interest from the outset by promising to answer the question that most people have when they first meet a National Geographic wildlife photographer - “How on earth do you get those amazing wildlife pictures?" In essence, audiences want to know how they too can consistently “achieve such incredible results in the world of uncertainty”. They start out keen to learn what are the “behind the scenes secrets” for achieving success.

In this entertaining presentation, John answers this question (illustrating his prime strategies with incredible animal sequences, all narrated live, to support his key points.) Contrary to expectations, he reveals that “patience” comes very low down on the list of the necessary factors; instead high level results come from applying a combination of strategies that are common to all successful people, be they Olympics athletes, dedicated parents or client audiences facing competitive stress.This presentation draws on the “Lessons from Nature” that John Paling has accumulated from his lifetime of experiences as a wildlife photographer.

He sums up his philosophy as follows: "If you really want to learn how to succeed with change, you should start by looking at the basic lessons from the world of wildlife. The animals and plants that share our planet today are the proven 'winners' after millions of years of earth-shattering changes. Seen through the eyes of a biologist, they can show us what it takes to succeed in life."

At the conclusion of this session, attendees will

  • Take home renewed admiration for the wonders of nature and a sense of inspiration from what she can teach us.
  • Appreciate how competition in nature has lead to similar strategies for cooperation to those adopted by successful individuals and organizations in human society.
  • Take away simple tools to evaluate their own progress in moving through all stages of their personal and professional goals.
  • Recognize that achieving excellence is within everyone’s reach.

These presentations typically include brief segments from Palings’ Emmy-awarded, National Geographic wildlife films (narrated live) to serve as memorable metaphors for the key points of his message.

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