Content & Outcomes

from John Paling’s Presentation

Risk Communication in Health Care

  • Medics are from Mars and Patients are from Pluto.
    New communications tools to help patients understand risks.
  • Informed Consent: Partnering with Patients.
    Turning a grey responsibility into a golden opportunity.
  • Doctor-Patient Communication.
    A proactive approach to reducing malpractice exposure and improving patient satisfaction.

In each of these presentations, Mr. Paling will:

  • Make risk communication a more satisfying process for all doctors
  • Bring the lessons of effective risk communication that have already been evaluated in other professions
  • Introduce simple new communications tools (comparable to pie charts or a bar charts) that allow healthcare professionals to explain medical risks to patients in an effective visual context.
  • Offer specific strategies for improving the quality of health care by partnering with patients and through more effective communication for informed consent.
  • Stress the value of employing “social lubricants” to bond with patients.

At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to

  • Experience increased satisfaction, morale and productivity as health care professionals.
  • Understand the obstacles that patients often experience with the ways doctors traditionally explain risks.
  • Use simple new tools (similar to pie charts and bar charts) to achieve more effective patient communication.
  • Learn how to create customized risk perspective scales and palettes to show the probable outcomes of their patients choices, in a way that is effective yet without causing undue alarm.
  • Explore the “epidemiology” of existing malpractice records, including a working hypothesis as to why women are far less likely to be sued for malpractice than men (other things being equal).
  • Recognize how shared visual aids can also serve a highly effective social lubricant enhancing the sense of partnership between healthcare professionals and their clients.
  • Gain awareness of recent publications on improving patient communication.
  • Consider carrying out a simple research project evaluating the effectiveness of different risk communication tools likely to enhance patient satisfaction metrics as well as reductions in malpractice exposure.

These presentations typically include brief segments from Palings’ Emmy-awarded, National Geographic wildlife films (narrated live) to serve as memorable metaphors for the key points of his message.

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