Content & Outcomes

from John Paling’s Presentation

Ambassadors for Caring.
Avoiding burnout in professional caregivers

In this presentation John Paling will:

Show how professional caregivers can learn about the essential components of caregiving from the world of nature.

Acknowledge that measuring outcomes is a desirable objective in modern healthcare yet sometimes does not reflect the effort and dedication of the individual within the network of caregivers.

Offer realistic ways for the individual to see caring as not just what they do as part of their profession but also as a reflection of the best personal qualities of each individual.

Introduce the prestigious AMBASSADOR FOR CARING designation that is available as a motivational badge for all attendees after the presentation. (This award denotes an individual’s voluntary commitment to keep up her/his high standards despite the pressures and stress of modern healthcare. If appropriate, a larger version of the award can be presented to a department or an individual in special recognition for their efforts.}

At the conclusion of this session, attendees will be able to

  • Evaluate their performance on the basis of their own professional contribution.
  • Respect the formal metrics that are collated by their organization, yet maintain their own self evaluation as the basis for their encouragement or discouragement.
  • Take strength from the fact that when healthcare professionals treat an individual patient, they are also benefiting a whole network of family and colleagues who they may never know about - nor get job evaluations from.
  • Quote examples of how when people give the best they can do, things don’t always work out as they might wish, yet in the long run the results can still be astonishingly positive.
  • Wear their Ambassador For Caring badge with pride and use it as way of reinforcing why they entered the profession in the first place.

This presentation typically includes brief segments from Palings’ Emmy-awarded, National Geographic wildlife films (narrated live) to serve as memorable metaphors for the key points of his message.

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