The Risk Communication Institute is dedicated to providing visual aids to help people balance their risks and benefits and to build their resilience. Founder John Paling provides keynote presentations, seminars and decision aids on-line for
  • professionals in all disciplines who want to communicate more effectively with the public.
  • members of the general public who find it difficult to make important personal decisions.
Dr John Paling brings unique qualifications to make his presentations entertainingly different. An Emmy-awarded National Geographic Society wildlife movie photographer and an ex junior professor of biology at Oxford University, he includes segments from his wildlife films (narrated live) as memorable metaphors for his key messages.

His experiences as a visual communicator led him to design special visual aids – Paling Perspective Scales & Paling Palettes - to make risks and benefits better understood by people of all backgrounds.

His most recent book helps healthcare professionals to provide patient focused information and fostors improved doctor and patient satisfaction.

He also provides simple yet effective tools to measure personal feelings, starting with the proven Pain Scale for Patients© and the new Personal Feelings Meter© (coming soon)
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Free Programs for you to build your own Paling Palettes or Perspective Scales to display risks and benefits.

A demonstration Perspective Scale showing the odds of many everyday risks to provide some basis for comparison with unfamiliar risks

Tools to measure your feelings: Pain scale for Patients and Personal Feelings Meter© to assess your decision options
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